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All HTML tags

HTML Special Characters

Web Color Code

CSS Cursor


All HTML tags in browsers, by default, are assigned the property display:, with the result that there is a separation of elements into block and embedded.

HTML document framework

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="ru">
<meta charset="utf-8" />

Service tags

Syntax Description display:
<!DOCTYPE> Document type none
<head></head> Container at the beginning of the page for service tags and loadable functions none
<title></title> Document title displayed in browser tab none
<meta> Page metadata none
<link> Enable external services and style sheets none
<script></script> Connects scripts to the Page none
<style></style> Connects global styles to the page. none
<base> Base URL — Domain none
<noscript></noscrip> Block not supporting scripts block


<body></body> The basis of the html document block
<main><main> Container for all page content block
<nav></nav> Container for navigation menu block
<header><header> Header page block
<article><article> Main content block, usually an article block
<section><section> Portion of content with title block
<aside></aside> The part of the content that is indirectly related to the main block
<footer></footer> Bottom of the page block
<div><spandiv> Used to create block containers. block
<span></span> Used to create embedded containers. block
<figure></figure> Independent container. block
<figcaption></figcaption> Title for figure block
<details></details> Container with additional information that can be collapsed or expanded block
<summary></summary> The heading for "details", which you can click to collapse or expand a block block


<h1></h1>…<h6></h6> Headings six levels block
<p></p> Paragraph block
<br> Line break block
<wbr> Possible line transfer none
<hr> Straight line none
<blockquote></blockquote> Quote block
<q></q> Brief quotation inline
<cite></cite> Citation source inline
<code></code> Code snippet inline
<pre></pre> Unformatted code block
<kbd></kbd> Text fixed pitch font inline
<samp></samp> Script Execution Result inline
<var></var> Allocates variables from programs inline
<del></del> Strikethrough text is marked as deleted inline
<s></s> Strikethrough text block
<ins><ins> Underlines text changes inline
<u></u> Underlined text inline
<dfn></dfn> Mark the term in italics. inline
<em></em> Выделяет курсивом важные фрагменты текста inline
<i></i> Italics text inline
<strong></strong> Highlights important text in bold inline
<b></b> Highlights text in bold inline
<mark></mark> Selects a text fragment with a yellow background. inline
<small></small> Reduces font size inline
<sub></sub> Subscript spelling H 2O inline
<sup></sup> Superscript R 2 inline
<time><time> Date, time of issue inline
<abbr></abbr> Abbreviation inline
<address></address> Address of the author of the article inline
<bdi></bdi> Isolates the text readable from right to left inline
<bdo></bdo> Sets the writing direction inline
<ruby></ruby> East Asian Symbols inline


<table></table> HTML table table
<tr></tr> Row table table-row
<th></th> Table Header Cells table-cell
<td></td> Table cells table-cell
<thead></thead> Top row group table-header-group
<tfoot></tfoot> Bottom row group table-footer-group
<tbody></tbody> Group of rows in the middle of the table table-row-group
<col> Allocates table column table-column
<colgroup></colgroup> Group multiple table columns table-column-group
<caption></caption> Table description table-caption


<ol></ol> Ordered numbered list block
<ul></ul> Bulleted list block
<li></li> List item list-item
<dl></dl> List with descriptions block
<dt></dt> List line with descriptions block
<dd></dd> Description line, list with descriptions block


<img> Html image inline
<>map</map> Active areas on the map inline
<area></area> Active area with a hyperlink on the map inline
<canvas></canvas> Canvas container for dynamic display of images created using JavaScrip inline-block

HTML Forms

<form></form> HTML Forms block
<input></input> Multifunctional form fields inline-block
<textarea></textarea> Multiline form field inline-block
<label></label> Form text inline
<datalist></datalist> Creates a list of choices from which to make a selection none
<option></option> Option in dropdown list block
<optgroup></optgroup> Container with heading for group<option> block
<select></select> Container to create drop-down list inline-block
<fieldset></fieldset> Groups related form elements block
<legend></legend> The title of the form elements associated <fieldset> block
<button></button> Interactive button inline-block
<keygen></keygen> Key generator inline-block
<progress></progress> Displays the execution process in numeric values. inline-block
<meter></meter> It is used to display the numerical values of such indicators as the number of visitors, pressure value, etc.. inline-block
<output></output> Field to display the results of calculations inline

Embedded Items

<audio></audio> Audio file inline-block
<video></video> Video file inline-block
<source></source> Specifies the location and type of alternate files for <video> and <audio> none
<track></track> Subtitles none
<embed></embed> Built-in external element inline-block
<object></object> Container for embedded external element inline-block
<param> Embedded External Item Parameters none
<iframe></iframe> Built-in frame block


<a></a> Hyper link inline

HTML Special Characters

Web Color Code

CSS Cursor

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