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CSS Cursor

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The cursor type is set by the property css cursor, who can take different meanings.

105 сursor: auto; – normal cursor.

106 cursor: pointer; – choice.

107сursor: progress; – expectation.

108сursor: help; – question.

109сursor: text; – text.

113 cursor: vertical-text; – vertical text.

110 сursor: cell; – cell selection table.

111 cursor: crosshair; – фокус, crosshairs.

112 cursor: alias; – transition.

114 cursor: copy; – copying.

115 cursor: move; – dragging.

116 cursor: not-allowed; – ban.

121 cursor:col-resize; – resize horizontally.

122 cursor: row-resize; – resize vertically.

117 сursor: nesw-resize; – resize horizontally and vertically.

118cursor: nwse-resize; – resize vertically and horizontally.

119 cursor: n-resize; – resize vertically.

120 cursor: e-resize; – resize horizontally.

123 cursor: zoom-in; – to enlarge.

124 cursor: zoom-out; – reduce.

125 cursor: -webkit-grab; – Capture, works with vendor prefixes.

126 cursor: -webkit-grabbing; – Capture, works with vendor prefixes.

For the cursor, you can set your own image.

cursor: url(images/s20.png);

Bonus Cursor on javascript

All HTML tags

HTML Special Characters

Web Color Code

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