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Simplebox for zooming in on images for WordPress

Increase the female breast by clicking on the pictureEnlarge Image

In WordPress, by default, when you click on a picture, you go to the picture page. It is very uncomfortable

In order for the image to expand directly on the page, a special script must be installed on the site.

The installation is simple, affordable for beginners.

The script increases only those images to which you specify.

Download for free

Installing on WordPress

If there was a plug-in for increasing pictures, then it should be removed

Through FTP we upload Zip to the root folder of the site and unpack it

Enlarge Image

Zip can be removed

We go to the file footer.php . — wp-content — themes — Your theme is footer.php .

In this file, at the very end, before the </body>, you need to insert the following code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://starper55plys.ru/simplebox_util.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
var boxes=[],els,i,l;

In three lines, where the address of my site is, you need to replace it with your own, and save the file.

With the installation of the script — finished, now how to specify those images that need to be increased.

We load images as usual, through the loader, then in the Text editor mode, we find the image code.

Enlarge Image

Before the href attribute, insert the following attribute:


Enlarge Image

That’s all. The program will work.


1. Improved behavioral factor

2. The program will not affect the download speed of the site.

I wish you a high position in your search.

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